Sunday, July 22, 2007

East Hampton Voices

The Poet Behind Our Poetry Posts
Throughout April 2007, National Poetry Month, our blog featured "poet of the week" entries. Poetry posts are now a monthly feature, owing to your comments (verbal and electronic) and something we never expected: clear demand to read and learn more about poets and their poems.

As you may have noticed in the closing byline of each post, the content is developed by Leland Jamieson, a local resident and poet in his own right. His published volume of poetry, 21st Century Bread is available at our library. Read for yourself poems about which critics say... "Fabulous capsules of feeling.... Admire the hand-flawlessly-fitting-in-a-snug-glove-tone of your lines...." "They Electrify...."

About the Author
Leland Jamieson, poet and author of 21st Century Bread: Poems, is a one-time performing arts center manager now living and writing in East Hampton, CT. A native of Miami, FL, he is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As managing director of Bushnell Memorial Hall Corporation in Hartford from 1978-85, he turned around a large operating deficit, and facilitated the conversion of the family-centered board of trustees into a modern, representative governing entity. He oversaw two major building reconstruction projects. He resigned to pursue other business interests until his retirement from business in 2000.