Thursday, February 14, 2008

Museum Pass Update

Discovery Room Now Open for Exploration
If you haven't recently visited the Children's Museum of Southeastern CT, you're in for a treat. The new Discovery Room opened in January and features numerous sensory experiences for children of all abilities. Try an Interactive Bubble Column, a Tongue Drum, a Tactile Panel, or a Musical Wall.

You can save yourself some money if you visit the museum using our circulating museum pass. The pass may be reserved up to 24 hours in advance of the day you plan to check it out/use it and circulates for 2 days. The pass admits up to 4 people free against the regular, individual admission price of $5.

Our pass program is funded by the Friends of the East Hampton Public Library and provides free or discounted admission to 13 area attractions. The Friends' annual membership drive is now underway. Become a Friend for as little as $5! You'll save that and more by using our pass program.