Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Complementary Care, Complementary Caring...

Complementary Care Panelists
Pictured Left to Right:
Michael Smithwick (Hypnotherapy), Natalia Seguro-Wright (Acupuncture),
Sherry Russenberger (Reiki Energy Healing), Susan Fielding (Massage Therapy),
Dr. Patrick Connelly (Chiropractic), Joseph Belanger (Holistic Physical Therapy),
Dr. Bret Lieberman (Naturopathic Medicine)

The library extends it sincere thanks to our panelists, all of whom took time out of their weekend schedules to participate in a complementary care program on Saturday, March 15th. If you are interested in complementary care -- which includes a very broad spectrum of interventions, aids, counselling and approaches -- please consider these folks, as well as many others in our local area.

Network early and often! It can be a good way to develop your personalized list of contacts, credentialled in their field, and to find complementary care that meets your care-plan needs.