Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Eat This, Not That!"

The Latest in the Franchise...
In 2007, Men's Health Magazine's David Zinczenko (Editor in Chief) and Matt Goulding (Food and Nutrition Editor) served up the first in their series of Eat This, Not That! recommendations and have since continued to offer many surprising lessons on how to make better choices when we eat out or in.

Their latest,
Eat This, Not That : 2010 : The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution, comes just in time for holiday travel and mall food season. The book highlights healthy food choices offered by popular restaurants; assigns a letter grade to each selection, and includes a short description of why the authors assigned the grade. Seeing if your favorite menu choices match the ratings is part of the fun.

This and other books in the series are super for browsing or menu planning and make reading about nutrition and convenience foods both challenge and pleasure.

Other Series Choices
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Post by Bev Simmons