Sunday, July 18, 2010

Books for Parents

Latest Additions
The library offers a variety of books for parents and about parenting. Collectively, these books offer different points of view and have appeal to parents with different values and styles. We highlight here a few of the latest additions to our collection.

Momology : A Mom's Guide to Shaping Great Kids by Shelly Radic, MOPS International chief of staff, is geared to Christian mothers but may appeal to other stay at home moms.

Judith Simon Prager and Judith Acosta's Verbal First Aid : Help Your Kids Heal from Fear and Pain -- and Come Out Strong provides useful advice on how to help your children deal with the stress of medical conditions or everyday accidents.

In The Modern Dad's Dilemma : Strategies for Staying Connected with Your Kids in a Rapidly Changing World, John Badalament offers a fundamental argument : "as dads, we are infinitely more important to our children and families than we - as individuals and as a collective society - realize or care to admit."

First the Broccoli, Then the Ice Cream : a Parent's Guide to Deliberate Discipline is Dr. Tim Riley's takes on the importance of consistency and repetition and rules with consequences. Recommended by a patron "the book is a fun, insightful read with solid advice".

Susan Kaiser Greenland's The Mindful Child: How To Help Your Kids Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder, and More Compassionate is one of the latest additions to the the canon of "present moment awareness".