Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Bit of Info for Kids...

Who Knew Homework Could Be Fun?
Need homework help or are you just looking for more info on your favorite topic? Check out Kids InfoBits, a database especially designed for beginning researchers in grades K-5.

Using Kids InfoBits
This database has a kid-friendly feel and offers lots of information about people, places, animals, and other subjects. The search engine uses colorful icons and a subject-tree search to help you find info on topics that most interest you. For example, click on the icon for geography and find subtopics; continue your info exploration from there!

Here are some of the other neat things you can do using Kids InfoBits :

  • type in a search term for a more precise or advanced search
  • find out how to cite your sources
  • learn how to evaluate information on the web
  • decide on a topic for a school report
  • look up a word in the dictionary.

Access Kids InfoBits
Click here and enter your East Hampton Public Library card barcode number to use the database.

About Kids InfoBits
Access to this database is provided by iCONN, a service of the Connecticut State Library and your local library in partnership with the Department of Higher Education.

Post by Kathleen Sands