Friday, July 01, 2011

One World Many Stories : A Very Famous Castle

Photo by library staff member
Marilou Overson at EPCOT
Orlando, November 2008
St. Ludwig's Castle: Disney Version
Did you know that a gorgeous German castle is the inspiration for the design of the Magic Kingdom Castle at Disney?

Kids might like to read more about the original castle in King Ludwig's Castle: Germany's Neuschwanstein by Lisa Trumbauer or about Germany in a Cultures of the World series title.  Families might like also like to share any of a number of European travel videos hosted by the Travel Channel's Samantha Brown.

More About Castles
If you are interested in what it took to build a castle centuries ago, try David Macaulay's Built to Last, a composite volume including updated content from Macaulay's classic trio: Castle, Cathedral, and Mosque.

Disney Travel
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Surf's Up: In-State Travel and Ethnic Festivals
Want to travel the world without leaving Connecticut? Check out the CT Tourism site, click events on the right side panel, then check the box Ethnic Festivals.  Change the date parameters depending on when you're free to enjoy some in-state fun.