Monday, December 12, 2011

CT Sings! Song of the Airline Trail

First Row, Left to Right : Alexander Link, Elijah De Siqueria Campos McLaughlin, Vanessa Naughton, Elizabeth Link, London Brazel, Lucia Petruzziello, Dante Petruzziello
Standing : Chuck E. Costa (CT State Troubadour), Mira Stanley

Last Saturday, our CT State Troubadour, Chuck E. Costa, led a workshop for our community's budding singer-songwriters.  Thinking it was "impossible" to write a song, this inventive group of kiddos proved themselves wrong and penned a song about the Airline Trail.  A rough audio of their creation will be available shortly.  In the mean time, enjoy the poetry of their original song's chorus :

It used to be a train track.
Now it's the Airline Trail.
Bikes, beasts, and feet
Go down the worn out rail.
Someday you might go there...
An adventure on the Airline Trail.