Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bricks + Imagination = Limitless Possibilities

Still Loving LEGO™
Now's the time to watch for latest information on how your kiddo can participate in East Hampton's FIRST LEGO League [FLL], 2012. Soon to start its second year, our local league is open to girls and boys ages 9-14, with an interest in cutting-edge science, robotics, technology, and exploring and recommending engineered solutions to real-world problems.

If the student(s) in your home are interested and have not already signed up to participate, give us a call and we'll put you in touch with our league's coordinator. Cost to your family is $25. League sponsors currently include the East Hampton Rotary Club, the league's first organizer, and the library.

Surf's Up
Check out the Connecticut FIRST web site to see what it's all about and hey there parents, there are oodles of ways to help mentor a team. Please do offer your time if you can.

Books and Reading and Games, Too
Click here for an abbreviated list of LEGO-related titles available at the library. Recommendations welcomed.

Just for Fun : Legos ROCK!
Need another way to think about Bricks + Imagination = Limitless Possibilities? Always make time to dance!

And by request...