Thursday, March 07, 2013

Abraham Lincoln: The Life of an American President

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The Life and Legacy of 16.
Over 15,000 books have been written about Abraham Lincoln; Ford's Theater last year erected a tower containing nearly 7,000 titles. Lincoln has also, for over 200 years, been depicted in art, fiction, poetry, films, and popular culture.

We offer here a round-up of resources about our 16th President and an invitation to an upcoming library program.

Regarded Books
Browse a quick list of adult non-fiction books; a few book jackets pictured left. Click here for a quick list of books for kids, fiction and non-fiction.

Lincoln in Films
The highly-awaited Spielberg film Lincoln, starring Academy Award winner Daniel Day Lewis, is set for DVD and Blu-ray release on  March 26.  Pair this one with the Criterion Collection re-master of 1939's Young Mr. Lincoln, directed by John Ford and starring Henry FondaAlso consider giving documentary screen time to The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln (PBS) or The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth (History Channel).

Upcoming Program : Abraham Lincoln and the American Experience
Thursday, March 14 @ 1PM
Celebrate our nation’s 16th president with a special program on Lincoln’s life and political activities presented by David Koch, Associate Professor of History at Housatonic Community College. Explore the personality of this powerful but surprisingly enigmatic figure in American history. Learn about Lincoln’s childhood, professional career and political ambitions.

Mr. Koch is a wide-ranging historian who specializes in Civil War and Native American history. Please register online or phone the library at (860)267-6621.