Monday, September 02, 2013

Connecticut's Fall Fairs 2013 Edition : Be There!

Haddam Neck Fair and Then Some
2013's Fair Season is well underway. If local reports about July and August's fairs and this weekend's Haddam Neck Fair offer any indication, we're all in it for the long summer-to-fall-fair-haul!

Planning Ahead
Click here to download the 2013 CTAgFairs brochure which features a listing of upcoming September and October Fairs. The brochure includes a reduced rate ticket order form for 2014. Plan ahead to save some $ next year!

A Little Bit of History
Enjoy a quick look at Connecticut's agricultural fair history, courtesy of the Connecticut State Grange. If you'd like to learn more about the Grange movement in 19th-20th century America, consider reading The Grange, 1867-1967 : First Century of Service and Evolution by W. L. Robinson.

Also check out the history of the upcoming Durham Fair and Hebron Harvest Fair and keep on tracking events offered via the Brooklyn Fair, this one considered the oldest continuously active fair in the U.S. Happy fall!