Monday, October 14, 2013

Witch Hunt!

Connecticut History Series:
New England's Other Witch Hunt : the Hartford Crisis of the 1660's
Everyone knows about the witch hunt at Salem in 1692. But few people know that in the years before Salem, Connecticut was New England's fiercest witch prosecutor. The first person hanged for witchcraft in New England came from Windsor, and every single person indicted for witchcraft in Connecticut in its early years was convicted and hanged.

Thursday, October 24, @ 1:00 p.m.
East Hampton Public Library Community Room
Dr. Walter Woodward
Join Dr. Walter Woodward, Connecticut State Historian, as he brings the events surrounding Hartford’s terrifying and deadly witch panic to life. Dr. Woodward will explore the context, actions, and consequences of this horrific event that occurred a generation before the Salem witch trials.

Why did people believe in witches? Why were most accused witches women? How could people be so afraid of witches’ powers that they were willing to kill their neighbors? How did the Hartford witch hunt change witchcraft prosecution in Connecticut and in New England?

You’ve always known about Salem…now learn about the rest of the story.

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