Friday, February 14, 2014

East Hampton (Connecticut) News: Digital Version

Say Hello to the East Hampton News Online
The East Hampton News was once a mighty print newspaper serving East Hampton, Connecticut. The paper was what we would today describe as a hyperlocal news outlet. The library and the Chatham Historical Society hold collections of the original newspapers and as you might expect, the paper copies have deteriorated and require careful handling.

An Essential Thank You to the Connecticut State Library
The library and the Connecticut State Library's (CSL) Preservation Office opened discussions about the potential to digitize the East Hampton News in summer 2013. The CSL held duplicate negatives of the East Hampton News on film: issues in 1887-1888 and issues from July 1, 1932 through Dec. 31, 1952.

With best preservation practice, technical, and logistical advice from Preservation Librarian Jane Cullinane and Gail Hurley from the iCONN office, the CSL allowed the library to borrow the duplicate negatives. Our digitization vendor, Advantage Preservation, has since then digitized the film and created a searchable database.

Using Our Database
Click here for free online access. Take advantage of the Help Button for best advice on how to craft a useful search that yields best results. If you need help, email the library or give us a call.

Special thanks to the Chatham Historical Society for supporting the project.