Friday, November 06, 2015

Learning Opportunity: The Great Courses

The Great Courses @ your library
Check out our new and growing collection of The Great Courses on CD audio. The Great Courses offer an excellent way to educate yourself on a topic, be it to satisfy a mild curiosity or a burning desire for knowledge. Each title features lectures taught by the best professors that leading colleges and universities have to offer. You can learn at your own pace, press pause or rewind if necessary, with no pressure and no grades!

Here's a quick list of The Great Courses ready for checkout:

1066: The Year That Changed Everything
If you were to look back at hundreds of years of history in search of the one critical moment after which the history of the English-speaking world would never be the same again, it would undoubtedly be the year 1066. It was during this pivotal time that an event occurred that would have untold ramifications for the European continent: the Norman Conquest of England.

A History of Hitler's Empire
Know thy enemy. That's what the wisdom of history teaches us. And Adolf Hitler was surely the greatest enemy ever faced by modern civilization. Over half a century later, the horror and fascination still linger.

Elements of Jazz: From Cakewalks to Fusion
The uniquely American music and art form, jazz, is one of America's great contributions to world culture. Now you can learn the basics of jazz and its history in a course as free-flowing and original as jazz itself.

The Myths of Nutrition and Fitness
More than anything else, the cornerstone of a long, healthy, and happy life is the scientifically proven link between fitness and nutrition. When you take advantage of this powerful link—by practicing good nutritional eating habits and by keeping your body active—you're improving your chances of success in meeting your personal wellness goals, whether it's losing a few pounds or maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Thinking Like and Economist: A Guide to Rational Decision Making
Economic forces are everywhere around you. You're made aware of that whenever you reach for your wallet, apply for a loan, shop for health care, or try to figure out the best credit card to carry. But that doesn't mean you need to passively accept whatever outcome those forces might press upon you. Instead, you can learn how to use a small handful of basic nuts-and-bolts principles to turn those same forces to your own advantage.$

Course descriptions courtesy of The Great Courses