Saturday, April 16, 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Popular Gardening Books
By all appearances, spring finally seems to have sprung! Here's a a quick list of in-demand titles we hope will inspire your next garden adventure.

Garden made: a year of seasonal projects to beautify your garden and your life / Stephanie Rose 
Gardening with less water: low-tech, low-cost techniques for using up to 90% less water in your garden / David A. Bainbridge Cultivating chaos: how to enrich landscapes with self-seeding plants / Jonas Reif, Christian Kress • Plants from pits: pots of plants for the whole family to enjoy / Holly Farrell

Year-round indoor salad gardening: how to grow nutrient-dense, soil-sprouted greens in less than ten days /  Peter Burke Blue ribbon vegetable gardening: the secrets to growing the biggest and best prizewinning produce / Jodi Torpey • The gardener's year: grow, care for crops and flowers season by season / DK • The allergy-fighting garden: start asthma and allergies with smart landscaping / Thomas Leo Ogren

Terrariums: gardens under glass; designing, creating, and planting indoor gardens / Maria Colletti • Container theme gardens: 42 combinations, each using 5 perfectly matched plants / Nancy A. OndraRight-size flower garden / Kerry Ann Mendez • Growing vegetables, herbs & fruit: a step-by-step guide to kitchen and allotment gardening / Richard Bird and Jessica Houdret

Cool Books For Kids
Super simple fairy gardens: a kid's guide to gardening / Alex Kuskowski • The little gardener / Emily Hughes • The budding gardener / Mary B. Rein • If you plant a seed / Kadir Nelson • Up in the garden and down in the dirt / Kate Messner