Sunday, September 25, 2016

Consumer Reports : Using researchIT CT for Results!

A Short Story
The East Hampton Public Library is a former subscriber to Consumer Reports. The library dropped its subscription when the Connecticut State Library added it to its list of statewide researchIT CT services (formerly iCONN); i.e., no sense incurring a duplicate expense.

Moving Forward
Though accessing Consumer Reports data takes a few more steps than it used to, there is still a wealth of essential and free consumer-friendly information at the ready and at your finger tips. Here's a how-to if you are using a PC:

Step 1 : Login to EBSCOHost
Click and you will be asked to enter your library barcode number. Your card number is 14 digits long and should be entered without spaces between the digits. After entering your card number, click the login button.

Once you are logged in, you'll see a list of databases from which you may choose.

Step 2 : Choose MasterFILE Premiere
Scroll down through the list of available databases and check the box for MasterFILE Premiere. Press the enter key and you're ready to search and find information from Consumer Reports.

Step 3 : Use the Drop-down Menu to Limit Your Search
Use the 'Journal name' selection in the drop-down menu and enter (not case sensitive) consumer reports in the uppermost search box.

In the second-level box, after the AND, enter the general product you are shopping for and for which you are seeking product reviews.

Give us a call at 860-267-6621 if you need help with a PC query. Tablet and phone advice coming soon...