Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Friday Story Hour Update

Cool Shoes Story Hour
As many of you know, the library hosts a Friday afternoon story hour led by Rae "Cool Shoes" Strickland. Children ages 3-5 are invited to drop in with their caregivers and participate in a rousing round of well-told stories aimed at helping young children acquire a range of ready-to-read literacy skills.

Cools Shoes Take a Second Step
On Friday November 16, our Cool Shoes story hour became a collaborative effort. JoAnn LePage, coordinator for the East Hampton Early Childhood Council's Second Step Program, joined our Friday afternoon team and enhances our ready-to-read emphasis with Second Step's larger ready-for-school focus. So come on down to the library on Friday's at 1 p.m. and enjoy the coolest ways to use your preschool shoes to step, step, step forward on your way to kindergarten!

About Second Step
Second Step, a violence prevention program, teaches the pre-kindergartner empathy skills, self control/anger management skills, and non-aggressive problem solving skills. Each lesson's topic is addressed through stories, discussion, role play, music, puppetry, and games. The 15 -20 minute award winning curriculum offers lessons such as calming down strong feelings, dealing with not getting what you want, and fair ways to play. Second Step is designed to teach children from their earliest years to understand feelings, to make positive choices and to keep anger from escalating into violence.