Friday, November 16, 2007

Library of Congress Enters the Blogosphere

207 Years Old and Growing Younger by the Day
The Library of Congress, 207 years-old on April 24, 2007, is made of sturdy stuff. Widely known as a leading provider of reputable online content -- the LOC web site features 22 million digital items and receives 5 billion hits a year -- the LOC is not surprisingly among the first federal agencies to join the blogosphere. Both the Smithsonian and National Endowment for Arts are also experimenting with blogs.

Matt Raymond, the Library's Director of Communications, writes for the LOC's blog, which also features contributions from the Librarian, curators, and other Library staff members. The blog features "new" information about LOC activities and "old" information that draws attention to the LOC's extraordinary digital collections and LOC web site features that deliver reputable content.

Raising the Blogger Bar
"Given the presence of some 70 million blogs worldwide -- and the exponential increase in blogging as technology makes it easier to access the Web, even with wireless devices and cell phones -- it's crucial that the Library of Congress be part of the collective conversation taking place," Raymond said. "Some of the top blogs have far greater readership than even some top newspapers and magazines," he said. "Blogs are expected and even demanded by people who surf the Web." Raymond all noted the LOC will strive to interest other bloggers while maintaining a high standard of content and conduct.

Quotes appeared in the LOC's June 2007 Information Bulletin