Tuesday, April 08, 2008

East Hampton's Early Childhood Council

Welcome to the Web of Caring
Last Saturday, April 5th, the East Hampton Early Childhood Council (EHECC) hosted it's first Preschool Expo at the library. The Expo offered opportunity for local families to converse and gather information about early childhood resources available to our community.

A range of presenters were on tap to answer parent resource questions, including representatives from state agencies; Birth-to-Three, elementary school, preschool and nursery school programs; recreation organizations and others. Over 80 people attended the EHECC's first Expo and by all accounts, an extraordinary time was had by all.

About the EHECC
The EHECC is an independent group of volunteers, parents and professionals who have come together to create opportunities, share resources, and implement strategies to prepare East Hampton's young children for school success. Check out the EHECC's new web site to learn more about Early Links, Second Step and a host of other collaborative, community-based programs that intend to weave a bright future for East Hampton's littlest people!