Monday, July 21, 2008

A Glorious Celebration Indeed

Wheel of Good Fortune
Your library's staff once again had the great fortune and pleasure to participate in the Old Home Day Parade. The parade's 30th Anniversary theme was Hometown Holidays; Old Home Day was our holiday of choice.

We must admit it was very nice riding this year -- instead of pushing our book carts -- but we heard you loud and clear. If we had a nickle for each time one of you asked us "Where are the carts?" our fortune would still be great -- and spendable! Suffice it to say the carts will be back next summer with no nickles required.

Special thanks to Belltown Motors for donating their services (truck plus great driver); Val Greco and Greco Designs for up-sizing our logo and OHD signs, and Teri Pretash's Red Barn Studios for delivering logo-wonder tee-shirts. Leave no room for doubt: our local business community is extraordinarily generous, talented, and we're lucky to have them working in and for our community! Over-the-top thanks to Dan Kauczka for float construction.

Library staff pictured left to right:
Ian Dunbar, Phil Carr, Rae Strickland, Sue Berescik (Library Director), Kathleen Sands (Children's Services Librarian), youth volunteers Elizabeth Brittany and Kyle Coughlin. Not shown is Rachel Rival (other side of the wheel) and a favorite of 2 year-old children near and far.