Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Online Service!

Encyclopædia Britannica
We're pleased to announce that we've added Britannica's Online Library Edition to our portfolio of online public services. Britannica is one the world's most trusted sources of information. The library edition serves the the needs of elementary students to college students; business professionals, curious seniors, and everyone in between.

The online portal features two views: one for children (Britannica Kids) and one for high school student through adult age groups (Britannica Reference Center). Click here to take a preliminary tour of both views; the tour will give you a good idea of how to navigate and use the live site.

Surf's Up
The only thing you need to use Britannica Online Library Edition is an East Hampton Public Library card. If you need a card, stop by the library and bring ID showing local residence. Cards are free though lost card charges may apply.

If you already have a local library card, surf's up! Click here; enter your card number (no spaces between digits) and explore what Britannica has to offer.