Monday, August 10, 2009

Pet Therapy at Its Best

Say Hello to Baxter...
Pet therapy is not a new concept in healing or in volunteer circles. Melissa Joseph’s new book Moments with Baxter: Comfort & Love from the World’s Best Therapy Dog is a good example; the book features a half Golden Retriever and part Chow, who volunteers as a hospice visitor. Baxter is an older dog with health issues of his own but who brings much love and comfort to the people he visits.

Surf's Up
If you would like to learn more about pet therapy, or how to volunteer your and your pet's time to the effort, visit the following web sites:
Charity Guide : Pet Therapy : Volunteer with Your Pet
Therapy Dog Training Classes, CT-Based Group Tails of Joy

Books for Kids
Animals Helpers for the Disabled by Deborah Kent
Animals Helping People by Suzanne Venino
Animals Helping with Special Needs by Clare Oliver

Animals at Work by Liz Palika
Service Animals by Julie Murray

Post by Bev Simmons