Friday, January 22, 2010

Soup's On!

National Soup Month
Browse the Internet and you'll find at least 20 or so national this or national that occasions associated with each and every of our calendar's 12 months. Since we're smack in the middle of flu season or the sneezy-wheezy days of winter, we're going to go with soup since historically speaking, this 'fast food' has been around since B.C.

Here are but a few titles you might use to spice up your winter menus:

Eating Well : Comfort Foods Made Healthy by Jessie Price includes 175 comfort food recipes made healthier and a great chapter on soups.

Nava Atlas’ Vegan Soups & Hearty Stews For All Seasons shows that food can be low in fat, be veggie rich, taste great -- and still provide comfort food pleasure.

Soup Makes the Meal by Ken Haedrich presents three course menus (soup, salad, bread) that will work for special occasions, as well as family suppers. The book also makes it easy to combine any two of three choices for quick and easy fare.

Barbara Kafka was one of the first on the scene with microwave cook advice. Her title, Soup: A Way of Life, is more traditional and offers a basic collection of tasty and innovative recipes, many of them quick.

Post by Bev Simmons