Friday, May 07, 2010

Rescue Tails

Man's Best Friend
If you enjoy remarkable stories about man's best friend(s), the following titles are great choices you might like to add to your must-read list.

Rescue Ink: How 10 Guys Saved Countless Dogs & Cats, 12 Horses, 5 Pigs, 1 Duck, & a Few Turtles written by Rescue Ink with Denise Flaim, is the story of Rescue, Inc., a volunteer group of bikers dedicated to rescuing abused and stolen animals. Their exploits make for inspired reading. Also, choose to learn about the rescue guys online or on National Geographic's cable channel.

Susannah Charleson's Scent of the Missing: Love & Partnership with a Search-and-Rescue Dog tells the story of a Golden Retriever named Puzzle who's charged with the unimaginable: helping rescue or recover victims of crime, misadventure, or catastrophe. Animal lovers and mystery readers will find much of interest here.

The Adventures of a Lost Pet K-9 Cop Turned Pet Detective Chronicles by Kat Albrecht, with Jana Murphy, tells of Kat's Weimeraner and bloodhound careers as a trackers of lost pets. How Albrecht's police training helped her and her dogs search and find make this a great and informative read.

Post by Bev Simmons