Saturday, May 28, 2011

Learning a Second Language

En Su Biblioteca
The library holds a variety of tools useful to people looking to learn a second language; reinforce their skills in a second language, or as a heritage project, learn and share a second language with the younger people in their extended family.

New on the Shelf
If you prefer the CD format (great for commuter learning) try any of eight titles from the GoPimsleur series.  Each title features eight 30-minute lessons on four audio CDs, a Reading Book with more than 50 reading lessons, and an MP3 CD.  Shorter CD language courses are also available.

Learn Online
The library also offers free access to Byki Online which includes more than the language learning opportunities shown above.  Look for the New User? click and use your East Hampton Public Library card barcode number to set up a free account. Bonne chance!