Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Reading Program Begins June 18

 Color Your World
One World, Many Stories
The EHPL's 2011 summer reading program begins in a few short weeks.  The overall theme of our program is One World, Many Stories.  Why participate?  Yes, there will be small incentive prizes awarded throughout the 8-week program.

However, the bigger picture shows us all that summer reading is a great way to help preschoolers learn early literacy skills, school age children and teens avoid the "summer slide" and for adults to model the joy of reading to their children.  Age-appropriate programs include:

For Our Littlest People (Pre-school through Kindergarten in Fall 2011)
If you don't know how to read (yet) that's okay because you can be read to either by a parent/caregiver or turn the pages of your favorite book while listening to the book's companion audiobook.  Have some fun with stickers and at regular story hours, too!

Board Games and Independent Reading for Grade School Kids
For Kids in Grades 1 or 2 (Fall 2011)
Read independently and/or learn about the USA by navigating a map of our country.  Find books about places and using cool kid-friendly web sites or online databases. 

For Kids in Grades 3-5 (Fall 2011)
Read independently and/or choose a travel itinerary then set off on a world travel adventure using a world map and tons of fun fact finding expeditions!

For Middle Grade Readers (Grades 6-8 in Fall 2011)
Sign up for You Are Here, and read what you like.  We've got some great recommended reading titles to choose from; browse the lists that we'll make available at the library and online.

For Teens (Area High Schools)
We'll again be making it easy for you to find and borrow You Are Here books showcased on required and recommended reading lists, as well as those you might like to read on your own.

For Adults
Join us for Novel Destinations, our summer book discussion series and/or read to enter a drawing for any of three family oriented prizes set for award in August.

More to come about the program but please do
Join the Fun This Summer @ your library