Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Say What?
Experts at the Mark Twain House & Museum describe "steampunk" best:

"Steampunk"? Steampunk is the future as imagined through the eyes of the past. It is mechanical gears and boilers, dirtiness mixed with shininess of brass and copper with the deep red of cherrywood. It is a time for tea and gadgets, airships and ether. Steampunk is a trip to the moon through the barrel of a cannon. It is progeny of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells finding their voice in fiction, fashion and music. Steampunk is all of these things, none of them and more. Steampunk is "punk".

Coming this Fall to the Mark Twain House and Museum
Beginning October 1, 2011, visit the Steampunk Bizarre exhibit at the Twain House. Thanks to your ongoing support for the Friends of the Library "Second Hand Prose" summer book sale rack, we'll be adding the Twain Museum pass to our menu of money-saving pass options in early September, if not before.

Steampunk Art
If you are interested in the how-to end of steampunk art or the glory of major steampunk artists, click here and enjoy.

Steampunk Fiction and Films
Steampunk owes more than a short salute to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Time Machine.  Since you've asked, expect follow-up recommendations for steampunk books and films, both classic and contemporary...