Friday, August 05, 2011

Video Game Update

Xbox 360 Added to the Mix...
About a year ago, we began putting together a collection of console video games.  The collection has grown more slowly than we (and you) would probably like. Much of this has to do with pricing and the fantastically large number of titles that disappear from the market shortly after issue.  (We like lowest price and titles likely to endure/hold gamer interest over time.)

Keep on Gaming
The number of circulating games hasn't yet impacted the popularity of our lending program and by request, August brings the introduction of circulating games for Xbox 360. Wii and PS3 titles will continue to lean toward E titles for Everyone;  Xbox titles will start with E titles and lean toward T for Teen titles by mid-autumn.  Suggestions for purchase are always welcomed at the front desk.

Circulation Conditions
Yes -- da-da-dah -- there are some rules.  Games are loaned to adult cardholders only.  The loan period is a very liberal 14 days, 1 per card, holds permitted, no renewals.

Click here for a quick list of available games.