Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer Reading Program Begins June 18

 Color Your World
One World, Many Stories
The EHPL's 2011 summer reading program begins in a few short weeks.  The overall theme of our program is One World, Many Stories.  Why participate?  Yes, there will be small incentive prizes awarded throughout the 8-week program.

However, the bigger picture shows us all that summer reading is a great way to help preschoolers learn early literacy skills, school age children and teens avoid the "summer slide" and for adults to model the joy of reading to their children.  Age-appropriate programs include:

For Our Littlest People (Pre-school through Kindergarten in Fall 2011)
If you don't know how to read (yet) that's okay because you can be read to either by a parent/caregiver or turn the pages of your favorite book while listening to the book's companion audiobook.  Have some fun with stickers and at regular story hours, too!

Board Games and Independent Reading for Grade School Kids
For Kids in Grades 1 or 2 (Fall 2011)
Read independently and/or learn about the USA by navigating a map of our country.  Find books about places and using cool kid-friendly web sites or online databases. 

For Kids in Grades 3-5 (Fall 2011)
Read independently and/or choose a travel itinerary then set off on a world travel adventure using a world map and tons of fun fact finding expeditions!

For Middle Grade Readers (Grades 6-8 in Fall 2011)
Sign up for You Are Here, and read what you like.  We've got some great recommended reading titles to choose from; browse the lists that we'll make available at the library and online.

For Teens (Area High Schools)
We'll again be making it easy for you to find and borrow You Are Here books showcased on required and recommended reading lists, as well as those you might like to read on your own.

For Adults
Join us for Novel Destinations, our summer book discussion series and/or read to enter a drawing for any of three family oriented prizes set for award in August.

More to come about the program but please do
Join the Fun This Summer @ your library

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Learning a Second Language

En Su Biblioteca
The library holds a variety of tools useful to people looking to learn a second language; reinforce their skills in a second language, or as a heritage project, learn and share a second language with the younger people in their extended family.

New on the Shelf
If you prefer the CD format (great for commuter learning) try any of eight titles from the GoPimsleur series.  Each title features eight 30-minute lessons on four audio CDs, a Reading Book with more than 50 reading lessons, and an MP3 CD.  Shorter CD language courses are also available.

Learn Online
The library also offers free access to Byki Online which includes more than the language learning opportunities shown above.  Look for the New User? click and use your East Hampton Public Library card barcode number to set up a free account. Bonne chance!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Making a List

Turning the Pages 
Here's a quick list of new books, both fiction and non-fiction, that you might like to add to your reading list.  Expect more than a few of these titles to rise to bestseller or recommended status, if they haven't already.

The Sublime Engine : A Biography of the Human Heart by novelist Stephen Amidon (Human Capital, 2005) and his cardiologist brother, Thomas Amidon, offers a stunning tribute to the heart in art, literature, science, and popular culture.

Fans of crime and suspense fiction (sprinkled with humor, of course) may enjoy Something for Nothing, a debut fiction title by David Anthony.

Dreams of Joy is Lisa See's follow up to Shanghai Girls (2009).

National Book Award finalist Francine Prose's (Blue Angel, 2000) latest is My New American Life, an immigrant tale set in post 9/11 New York.

Newspaper guy Pete Hamill brings us Tabloid City.  Plot = "When a wealthy socialite and her secretary are found murdered in a stately West Village townhouse, a flurry of seemingly unrelated people spring into action." (Publisher description)

The Snowman by Jo Nesbo is a hot pick by many looking for more, more, more in the way of fiction from Nordic lands; e.g. Steig Larsson's Girl With.. titles.

Will Allison's The Long Drive Home tells the story of a reckless driving accident and its anguishing, for all, aftermath.

True crime fans will no doubt appreciate The Man in the Rockefeller Suit : The Astonishing Rise and Spectacular Fall of a Serial Impostor by Mark Seal.

Perspective Is Everything

Reading the Robisons
If you read Augusten Burrough's bestselling memoir, Running with the Scissors (2002), you will remember his older brother John Elder Robison.  Robison authored Look Me In the Eye : My Life With Aspergers, (2007) which also achieved bestseller status.  Robison's latest release is Adventures of a Free-Range Aspergian with Practical Advice for Aspergians, Misfits, Families and Teachers.

Also weighing in is Margaret Robison, Augusten and John's mother, with her memoir The Long Journey Home, which was released last week.

Listen to a podcast about the three authors and their books, courtesy of NPR's Morning Edition.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Memorial Day Reads

Leading Up to Memorial Day 2011
When making plans to attend Memorial Day observances and family gatherings, you might like to add one or more of the following books to your weekend agenda.  WWII titles are featured since veterans of this war are well into their 80s and 90s.

If you read the The Greatest Generation series by Tom Brokaw, you will no doubt appreciate The Last Good War : The Faces and Voices of World War II.

Lost in Shangri-La by Mitchell Zuckoff "unleashes the exhilarating, untold story of an extraordinary World War II rescue mission, where a plane crash in the South Pacific plunged a trio of U.S. military personnel into the jungle-clad land of New Guinea."  Listen to an author interview courtesy of NPR.

Before Julia Child became a chef, she served in the OSS along with her husband, Paul, and Jane Foster, who turned out to be a Soviet spy.  Pair A Covert Affair with Julia's memoir, My Life in France. Author Jennet Conant's earlier book, The Irregulars : Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington, also reads like a thriller with plenty of who's who appeal.

The Long Road Home : The Aftermath of the Second World War by Ben Shephard explores the post-war refrugee crisis and what happened to the millions of people displaced by the war in Europe.

Alex Kershaw's The Envoy tells the "epic and heroic story of how Raoul Wallenberg out-dueled Adolph Eichmann and saved more than 100,000 Jews in Budapest from the Nazi death camps."  Pair this title with Schindler's List or the The Bielski Brothers

Surf's Up
Also consider visiting the Veterans History Project website, a project of the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress. The project "preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war."

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Forever Young

Longevity and You
Here's a few additions to the growing canon of consumer health and popular science titles about how to achieve good health and a longer life.

Oprah guru Bob Greene's latest, 20 Years Younger, offers plenty of sage advice on how to look better, feel better, and age gracefully.

Also try The Longevity Project : Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade Study by Howard S. Friedman and Leslie R. Martin. The authors examine an eight-decade-long study of 1,500 people; surprising conclusions abound.

Fans of scientific adventures will enjoy Long for This World : The Strange Science of Immortality by Pulitzer winner Jonathan Weiner.  Learn about cutting-edge research and explore the questions "Could we live forever? And if we could--would we want to?"

Related Reading
Forever Young by Nicholas Perricone
YOU: Staying Young by Mehmet Oz
Treat Me, Not my Age by Mark Lachs
The Water Secret by Howard Murad
The China Study by T. Colin Campbell; Thomas M. Campbell II
Healthy Aging by Andrew Weil

Timing Is Everything

Navy Seals
Though scheduled for publication long ago, The Heart and the Fist : the Education of a Humanitarian, the Making of a Navy Seal was published on April 11 and  Seal Team Six : Memoirs of an Elite Navy Seal Sniper was published on May 10.  The former book is now riding high on several national best seller lists.

Further Reading and Viewing
Lone Survivor : the Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 by Marcus Luttrell with Patrick Robinson

Seals : The US Navy's Elite Fighting Force by Mir Bahmanyar and Christopher Osman

Walking Point : The Experiences of a Founding Member of the Elite-Navy Seals by Chief James Watson

The Teams : an Oral History of the U.S. Navy Seals edited by Kevin Dockery and Bill Fawcett

History of the Navy (3-disc documentary with historical footage)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dylan Turns 70

Happy Birthday
Bob Dylan celebrates his 70th birthday next Tuesday, May 24.

For more info about one of the most influential singer/songwriters of the second half of 20th century history -- and who's probably supplied at least one song to the soundtrack of your life -- find books and music @ your library.

Books for Adults and Teens
Chronicles: Volume One by Bob Dylan
Positively 4th Street by David Hajdu
Bob Dylan in America by Sean Wilentz
No Direction Home : The Life and Music of Bob Dylan by Robert Shelton

For Kids
Man Gave Names to All the Animals by Bob Dylan; Jim Arnosky (Illustrator)
When Bob [Dylan] Met Woody [Guthrie] : The Story of the Young Bob Dylan by Gary Golio; Marc Burckhardt (Illustrator)

For a quick list of Dylan CDs available for checkout, including great covers by others, click here.

There's all Dylan all the time at Rolling Stone online now and the print issue is up and coming.  Library subscribes.  Be there.

Surf's Up
Also visit the Rock Hall and Roll of Fame.

Photo Above
Dylan, Bob. Photograph. Encyclopedia Britannica Online Library Edition Web. 17 May 2011. Click here and use your EHPL library card to login.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Counting Down to Father's Day

Books for Guys
We certainly don't want to stereotype anyone's reading choices and yet a few of the following books have a decidedly "guy" feel.  We'll leave the rest up to you...

If you've seen Guys and Dolls, you may enjoy reading about the real life man who inspired the Sky Masterson character who, as you know, gambled on everything.  Try Titanic Thompson : the Man Who Bet On Everything by Kevin Cook.

The Man Cave Book by Michael H. Yost and Jeff Wilser is a sometimes hilarious though unintentional take on a Billy Joel song line : "Yes, we all need a room of our own."

How to Be a Man : a Guide to Style and Behavior for the Modern Gentleman is authored by Glenn O'BrienO'Brien writes The Style Guy column for GQ magazine.

He flew through the air with the greatest of ease... on a motorcycle.  Enjoy Leigh Montville's Evel : the High-flying Life of Evel Knievel : American Showman, Daredevil, and Legend.

If you're a baseball fan family, try Baseball in the Garden of Eden : the Secret History of the Early Game by noted baseball historian John Thorn.

Ben Thompson's two Bada** titles are available; the latest title includes more than a few bada** women, too.

Thanks to Library Journal's BookSmack! and Books for Dudes

Monday, May 09, 2011

For Parents

MCSAAC and the East Hampton LPC
On the alphabet soup front, MCSAAC stands for Middlesex County Substance Abuse Action Council, a prevention organization that works to reduce substance abuse in Middlesex County.  The East Hampton LPC (Local Prevention Council) is an offshoot of MCSAAC; the LPC is made up of volunteers and sponsors prevention programs in our community.

Upcoming LPC Program: Bath Salt Drug Trend
On Monday, May 16, the LPC will sponsor an informational forum about bath salts, one of the emerging drugs of choice among young people.  The program begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Goff House and is open to the public.  Featured speakers include:

Betsey Chadwick, Director, MCSAAC, will present on a comprehensive drug survey taken in East Hampton.

Robert Powers, Ph.D, Director of our state's Controlled Substances/Toxicology Laboratory, will discuss the latest drug trends and what they can do to the body.

Erica Zup, Marriage & Family Therapist, will be on hand to answer questions regarding how to open family discussions about drug use.

Surf's Up
National Institute on Drug Abuse
The Huffington Post (same content on Fox News)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Keep Your Wallets Light and Your Light Bulbs Bright!

Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge
Did you know that by switching from incandescent to compact florescent bulbs (CFLs), you generate far less pollution and save valuable household dollars over the lifetime of the bulb?

One easy way to ditch those energy inefficient bulbs and put money back into your wallet is to join the Neighbor to Neighbor Lighting Program.  Sign up and trained Clean Energy Corps team members will replace select incandescent bulbs with CFLs (insert drum roll) for freeClick here to join the lighting challenge and for detailed information about the replacement program.

Upcoming Events
If you would like to learn more about the lighting program initiative, join us at the library on Saturday, June 11 for a free workshop.  Bring your questions about lighting and other sponsored energy savings plans that may work for you.

About Neighbor to Neighbor
The Town of East Hampton is one of 14 communities in the state that has been selected to participate in the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge.  This challenge is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.  The goal is to help reduce conventional energy usage by promoting energy efficiency measures and encouraging the use of clean energy options on a local level.

For each energy saving step we take as residents of East Hampton, our Town and participating community groups earn reward points that may be applied to clean energy related products and services to benefit our community as a whole. When you participate, everyone wins!