Monday, January 09, 2012

Song of the Airline Trail

Photo courtesy of the CT DEP
An Adventure... On the Airline Trail...
Last December, seven creative kiddos teamed up with our State Troubadour, Chuck Costa, to write a song about a favorite East Hampton place.  The group chose to write about the Airline Trail.  See our previous post about the progam.

Our Songwriters
First Row, Left to Right : Alexander Link, Elijah De Siqueria Campos McLaughlin, Vanessa Naughton, Elizabeth Link, London Brazel, Lucia Petruzziello, Dante Petruzziello Standing : Chuck E. Costa (CT State Troubadour), Mira Stanley

Song of the Airline Trail : Sing Along East Hampton!
Click here to listen to the song.
The song is slated to be included on a CT sings CD, the outcome of Costa's statewide songwriting project featuring Connecticut-inspired songs by Connecticut children. 

It used to be a train track
now it's the Airline Trail
bikes, beasts and feet
go down the worn out rail
someday you might go there
an adventure
on the Airline Trail

One day in the springtime
I went biking there
from East Hampton to Willimantic
23 miles of fresh air

Biking in the summer
grasshoppers jumping 'round
over the viaduct
a buzzing and fluttering sound


Miles away from everything
in a sea of golden leaves
letter boxes off the trail
look like they're full of mail

Now it's getting colder
the cranberry bog is frozen
skating and some hockey
under clouds that want to be snowing