Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Shine the Light" for Bevin Bell

Shine On Brightly..
Show your support for a Bevin Bell revival by shining a light in your window using a specially branded LED candle. Lighting the candle is an easy way for you to show your visible and vibrant support for Bevin Bell's rebuilding efforts and the company's commitment to keep the bells in Belltown. For greatest effect, work with your neighbors to "shine the light" up and down your street!

Candle Description
Ivory color hollow candle/wax luminary, 6" tall by 3" in diameter. Candles includes flickering "A" brightness, battery-operated LED inserts and batteries.  The candles are made in the USA.

How Much Do the Candles Cost?
Each candle will be sold at cost for $7. Your cost includes our cost to buy the candles plus a small markup to cover CT sales tax which we must charge when we sell a candle to you.  The price also includes the cost of printing Shine the Light labels; one of which comes with each candle.

Where to Purchase
Stop by the library or the East Hampton Parks & Recreation office to purchase Shine the Light candles beginning June 28, 2012.  Candles may be purchased in a maximum quantity of five (5) candles, against our initial order quantity of 250 candles. Both locations will accept personal checks or cash.

Shine the Light
As our initial quantity of 250 candles sells out, we'll reorder.  We're sure you're all willing to Shine the Light for Bevin Bell, one light... one at a time... in as many windows as possible.

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