Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Resources for Book Groups

Great Places to Find Reading Group Suggestions
If you are member of local book group, there are oodles of resources that will help your group find the perfect selection for your next discussion.

Books About Books
1001 Book for Every Mood by Hallie Ephron
500 Essential Cult Books by Gina McKinnon & Steve Holland

Also try Book Lust & More Book Lust by Nancy Pearl of librarian action figure fame. Check out her official website for the dish on great books.

Surf's Up : Online Suggestions
Book Group Buzz
Book Movement

The library also offers a monthly newsletter which includes book club suggestions.  The newsletter is published on the 15th of each month.  Click on the cutie image for the current month's selections.

Library Services for Book Groups
If you're running a local book group, the library can help you obtain multiple copies of your club's selected reads, subject to availability. Phone the library for information on how to get started.