Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Gardens

Community Center Blooms thanks to
East Hampton Belltown Garden Club

and Paul & Sandy's, Too!
July's Beautiful Blooms
Gardeners of all stripes will find a variety of helpful print resources at the library, including titles annually recommended by members of the East Hampton Belltown Garden Club. We offer a few short lists of resources for July's enjoyment, including "surf's up" links.

Rain Gardens
The Essential Guide to Creating Rain Gardens by Cleo Wolelfle-Erskine
The Rain Garden Planner by Terry Wallace
Rain Gardens by Nigel Dunnett and Any Clayden

Latest Additions About Gardening and Sustainable Living
American Grown : the Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America by Michelle Obama
Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard by Sally Roth
Better Homes & Gardens Gardening Made Simple
Decoding Gardening Advice : the Science Behind the 100 Most Common Recommendations by Jeff Gillman & Meleah Maynard
Easy Growing : Organic Herbs and Edible Flowers for Small Spaces by Gayla Trail
Grow Cook Eat by Willi Galloway
Little House in the Suburbs by Deanna Caldwell and Daisy Siskin
Northeast Home Landscaping by Roger Holmes
Planting the Dry Shade Garden by Graham Rice

Surf's Up
Rainfall as a Resource : CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Rain Gardens in Connecticut : UCONN Cooperative Extension System
Gardening Tips for the Northeast : Old Farmer's Almanac
July Gardening Tips for the Northeast : Better Homes & Gardens
What to Do in the Garden in July : Gardening
PlantMaps : USDA Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for CT
Home & Garden Fact Sheets : UCONN Cooperative Extension System

Circulating Magazines
Better Homes and Gardens
Organic Gardening (OG)

Know Your Neighbors
The East Hampton Belltown Garden Club generally meets in the library's Community Room and also sponsors workshops and trips. To connect with local gardeners extraordinaire, contact Hollye Thomas at 860-992-5817 or Karen Galmon at 860-267-4169.