Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Great American Novelists

The Year of Cormac McCarthy
Anyone who has confronted a high school summer reading list has heard of Cormac McCarthy, author of the bestselling novel All the Pretty Horses, first in a series. McCarthy is perhaps one of America's greatest living novelists. He also had a banner year in the way of public recognition.

In March 2007, Oprah selected McCarthy's The Road for her book club. In April 2007, the same novel was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. In November the Coen Brother's released No Country for Old Men, a film based on McCarthy's 2003 novel of the same name. The film was nominated for the Golden Palm Award at the Cannes Film Festival and last week, received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Motion Picture Drama.

Most of McCarthy's novels are available at the library (try our quick search box, right) with several in more than one format. Also catch David Kushner's interview with the reclusive McCarthy, in this month's holiday issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.