Wednesday, December 26, 2007

History Lessons

Teddy Roosevelt: 'Steward of the People'
A former president of the United States will charge up the hill this January to visit East Hampton.

Well, it’s actually Ted Zalewski who will portray Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, our 26th president.

Zalewski, an historical interpreter of Theodore Roosevelt, combines education, history, drama and fun in his acclaimed presentation Teddy Roosevelt: Mind, Body and Spirit. Highlights of TR's life as cowboy, soldier, naturalist, historian, father and statesman help us understand a man who won the Noble Prize, inspired the Teddy bear and, and who at age 42, became the youngest person to serve as President. Zalewski also uses Roosevelt’s own words to illustrate Roosevelt's personality and leadership style.

Mr. Zalewski has performed as 'TR' at the National Theater, the Museum of American Political Life, and prestigious universities around the country.

This must-see, one-man show takes place at 2 p.m. Saturday, January 26, at the East Hampton Public Library. For seating purposes, please phone the library to register at 267-6621 or register online.