Friday, October 09, 2009

Storage Solutions

Conventional Looks at Storing Your Stuff
More than a few of us are looking for better storage space in our closets, cabinets, or on the shelves within. “Make-overs” are not only practical, they can be fashionable. All in all, matching what you have with what you need can be a lot easier, if you see how others have approached remodeling.

The following titles offer some great suggestions -- especially if you're handy -- for solving your storage problems and giving your home more useful space and a brand new look:

Store It! Where to Put All the Things You Need to Keep by Mervyn Kaufman

Easy to Build Bookcases & Clutter Control Projects: 18 Practical Solutions to Organize Your Home by the Editors of Weekend Woodcrafts Magazine; Rob Joseph & Linda Hendry

Wordworking for the Home: Storage Projects for all Around the House by Paul Anthony, Niall Barrett, & Jeff Miller

Popular Mechanics Garage Makeovers: Adding Space without Adding On by Rick Peters

Also checkout general works, for both kids and adults, about the age-old and not always easy challenge of trying be orderly yourself, while still maintaining a busy household.

Post by Bev Simmons