Thursday, April 15, 2010

Early Literacy Fun for Little People

April: Fingerplay of the Month
Here is a good fingerplay that mimics the sights and sounds of buzz-worthy beings and the environment. In addition to the counting component, which you can use to count up or count down the number of bees coming out of the hive, the fingerplay will help children learn to identify living things in the world around them. The fingerplay also offers a great way to introduce your child to books about insects, flowers, and honey as related topics.

Here Is a Beehive (Follow-along Video Plus Script)

Here is the beehive.
Where are the bees?
They're hidden away where nobody sees!
Watch them come out of their hive..
One, Two, Three, Four, Five!

Further Reading
There is plenty of buzz-buzz-buzz about books for the picture book crowd plus books for curious older readers:
Bee-wigged by Cece Bell
Bee and Me by Elle McGuinness
Harry's Bee by Peter Campbell
Big Bug Surprise by Julia Gran (Easy Reader)
Bees by James Joyce (Non-fiction, Nature's Children Series)