Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mystery Tails

A 100 Pound Pooch with Attitude
If you love mysteries and dogs, you won't want to miss two delightful books : Dog on It and Thereby Hangs a Tail, the first two in what we hope will be an ongoing Bernie and Chet mystery series by Spencer Quinn.

Bernie is an ex-cop turned detective and Chet is his canine partner who rides shotgun and narrates the stories. Combine all the components of well-plotted mysteries with dog behaviors any pet owner will recognize, and you have a pleasant alternative to more over the top contemporary novels. Both books may also be fun for dog-loving teens looking for a vampire-free whodunit with a fast moving plot.

Surf's Up
Chet the dog, though fictional, has apparently caught the social networking bug. He has his own blog, Facebook page and Twitter account. Doggie smartphones all around!

Posted by Bev Simmons