Tuesday, June 15, 2010

365 days later...

One Year in a Life
If seems as though many authors are taking a year of their life to undertake some sort of project. Throughout the year they write down their progress, their thoughts, their struggles, and what they learned in the end. By reading these types of books, we can live vicariously through the authors and experience their projects. From living the Bible to living with the land, these memoirs are an interesting kind of nonfiction that is often hard to put down.

Here's a sampling of 365 day titles:

No Impact Man : Living with as little impact on the environment as possible

A Year of Living Biblically : Following biblical laws and traditions

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle : Living off the land

Living Oprah : Following Oprah's advice

The Happiness Project : Changing your life, one self-improvement program at a time

Julie and Julia : Trying Julia Child's recipes

Eat, Pray, Love : Travel the world after a nasty divorce

Self Made Man : A woman disguised as a man in the workforce

A Year Without "Made in China" : Living without imported goods

See You In A Hundred Years : Living life as it was in Virginia in the year 1900

The Geography of Bliss : Traveling the world to find the happiest places

Post by Kathleen Sands