Friday, June 04, 2010

Shakespeare Who?

Shakespeare : A Classic Life
If anyone made a list of outstanding world literary giants, undoubtedly Shakespeare would be on the list. However, did Shakespeare really write Shakespeare?

James Shapiro attempts to answer this age-old and often controversial question (subject of many a high school or college paper) in his book entitled Contested Will : Who Wrote Shakespeare? History, mystery, controversy and evidence come together and yield a fascinating study about who deserves to wear the cap of literary genius. Discussion of forgeries, conspiracy theories, codes, ciphers, and claimants certainly add to the appeal of this well written, well researched volume about 'The Bard'.

For a companion read, try Shakespeare's Wife (2007) by noted feminist author Germaine Greer. This book, about Anne Hathaway (1556?-1623), created quite a stir in the press when first released. Still, descriptions of life in 17th century Stratford -- and a portrait of the Ann who might have been -- make for a good read.

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Post by Bev Simmons