Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Explore the U.S.A. : A to Z

Your State Report
If you are a grammar school kiddo learning about our glorious country, stop by the library and check out series books about America's states. These plus other print resources are sure to be helpful as you explore the history, life, and times of the fabulous 50.

When you explore online, use your local library card to visit AtoZ the USA, a go-to database filled with cool, credible, and creatively presented information.

The database offers students need-to-know information about U.S. states and territories but adults will also enjoy the information about places to visit, history, recipes, museums, statistics, photos, maps, postcards, and much more.

You may access the database at the library or from any Internet PC. For external access, go to the AtoZ homepage, enter your library card number in the box labeled "library card", and start exploring.