Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Testing... Testing... Freading!

A New Look at eBooks
The East Hampton Public Library is now testing Freading -- an eBook service brought to the EHPL via Library Ideas, LLC.  The good news is unlike other available library eBook services, this one allows simultaneous users to use/read the same title, which means no waiting in line.

What's Included?
With Freading, you'll find eBooks from many publishers : independent, smaller,  but in all ways regarded.  Find stellar fiction and non-fiction titles, many of which you may have missed along way.

What You'll Need to Use the Service
To use our eBook service, you will first need a valid local library card : current (not expired) and with no fines over 10 bucks. Second, and in most cases, you will need an Adobe Digital Editions Account, easy and free to acquire.  Third, Freading is compatible with any of the following devices:
Starting to Read with Freading
Click here to start; click login and enter your EHPL library barcode and pin.

Every Monday morning, you'll be given 5 download tokens. Each e-book download uses between 1 and 4 tokens, depending on demand for the book. Unused tokens rollover to the next week but your total token count resets to 5 every four weeks.

Freading e-books check out for 2 weeks, at which point they can be renewed for another two weeks. Renewal of a popular title uses 1 download token; older titles renew without a token.