Sunday, April 08, 2012

'TR' Makes a Stop in East Hampton

Photo with the 'President'
On Saturday, April 7, the library hosted a one-man-show featuring Ted Zalewski, who delivered a remarkable performance as our country's legendary 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt.  The actor gave life to many of TR's accomplishments as a reformer, conservationist, and internationalist; balanced with a glimpse at the lighter side of Roosevelt's personality, family, and sense of humor.

The audience was all-age and included several local high school students, who experienced the show as a prelude to a U.S. History module on the Progressive Era.

Thank You
The library extends if deep thanks to the Durkin Family, pictured above with family friends and the always in-character Zalewski, for sponsoring the program and for extending this American history and cultural learning opportunity to our community.  The program was offered in honor and celebration of the life of Maria B. Durkin.