Sunday, February 21, 2010

Books to Film

A Couple of Biggies...
In 2008, almost 9,000 Connecticut kids voted for their favorite Nutmeg Book. Rick Riordan's mythology-based adventure story, The Lightning Thief, won top honors, hands down. The film version of this first in a five-book series is now showing on nearby big screens. Chris Columbus, who directed the first two Harry Potter films, was again in charge of translating a young adult book sensation to film.

Expect Avatar to fall down the list of top films on March 5, when Tim Burton's 3-D version of Lewis Carroll's classic, Alice in Wonderland, hits the big screen. The long-time Burton/Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham Carter collaborations continue here; Depp plays the Mad Hatter and Carter, The Red Queen.

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