Monday, February 22, 2010

Daring and Different

Good Reads by Elizabeth Kostova
Long before Buffy and Meyer used vampires to explain teen angst, vampire fiction was already a staple in our pulp fiction diets. Let's face it; Bram Stoker's not so pulpy Dracula was published in 1897 and how many times has this classic been read, recycled, and read anew?

If you are a fan of the vampire genre, we recommend The Historian (2005), Elizabeth Kostova's debut novel. Many of you have indicated you missed this one along the way and so we recommend it here. Very entertaining, very well written, eerie, scary, and a must read... preferably with the lights on.

Though Kostova's latest novel, The Swan Thieves, is not about vampires; fans of elegant mysteries and tales of obsession will find a friend here. There's enough history, psychological drama, and love to satisfy fiction readers with all kinds of interests. Great book and a good choice for you or your book club group...