Sunday, February 07, 2010

Invention and Discovery @ your library

What's the Big Idea!
Last Wednesday, the library kicked off a four-part 'What's the Big Idea!' series of pilot programs for second and third-graders, in collaboration with the Connecticut Invention Convention. Staff member Phil Carr channelled Albert Einstein and conducted amazing 'experiments' using a low-power laser pen. Participants also searched high and low and identified many inventions used at the library.

Who's Big Idea Was It?
Identifying inventions leads us to wonder about the people who made them. Here we list a few inventors, their inventions, and a fun fact or two about the inventors when they were children. If you have any of the traits that these inventors had, you are on your way to creating your own invention via What's The Big Idea!

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. As a child he asked his teacher many, many questions of his teacher; so much so that his teacher was amazed. Young Thomas eventually did a lot of learning at home and by going to the local library, which his parents taught him how to use.

George Eastman invented film for the camera. As a child he was a very big help to his family. As he prepared for a vacation, he bought a camera to document his travels. It was very complicated to use and carry around and he thought about how to make it better, a key trait of all inventors.

Philo Farnsworth invented television transmission. As a child he was a wonderful musician and he was interested in the topic of electricity. He even made an electronic washing machine for his family.

For information about many other inventors, enjoy our Invention and Discovery book display next time you stop by the library.

For More Information About 'What's the Big Idea!'
If your child missed the first session of this four-part series, there are a few openings for the remaining three sessions, all of which must be attended. Phone the library for info or visit our online events calendar to register.

Post by Kathleen Sands