Friday, February 26, 2010

Thank a Friend... Be a Friend!

Friends of the East Hampton Public Library
The Friends of the Library -- an all-volunteer group of people who share our passion for books, learning, and high-quality recreational opportunities -- have for over a decade operated a used book store located in the East Hampton Community Center.

The Friends Book Store is one of the few regular library book store operations located in our state.
Proceeds from book store sales have for years supported a variety of public library programs.

Over the the course of the last snowy days of February (here's hoping) and throughout March, we'll post about what the Friends do as library ambassadors in our community and how their book store benefits you. First up...

Museum Pass Program
This program offers free or discounted admission to 13 premiere 'staycation' attractions located in our area. Though pass conditions vary, we offer one example: fully using our Mystic Seaport pass (2 adults, 2 children) saves your family $65-$70. Last year alone, 82 individual adults borrowed this pass for a total savings of $1,636 and needless to say, none of the 82 used the pass to visit the Seaport alone...

On the compound savings front, and since the Seaport pass is not the only one we offer, the book store-funded pass program annually yields major savings to our community's families. Thank a Friend... Be a Friend!

Coming Next Week:
Books 'On the Cheap' in Your Good and Hard Times