Friday, April 08, 2011

State Reports Anyone?

Our online service portfolio includes AtoZ on our country's states; great for students and/or domestic vacation planners or business travelers looking for credible info.

The AtoZtheUSA database features resources on every state in the union plus coverage on five U.S. territories. It includes not only the standard inventory of facts about each state but also information ranging from interesting to obscure; e.g., brief bios of past governors, tourist attractions, images of baseball cards and license plates, state crossword puzzles and more.

Whether you are researching a state for a school project, upcoming vacation or business trip, this site is worth a visit. The site is regularly populated with historical and latest credibly-sourced information.

How to Access the Service
Take hold of your East Hampton Public Library Card then click here to access the service. Type your local barcode number in the box labeled Library Card, no spaces between digits.