Friday, October 07, 2011

Back to School and Extra Healthy

"E" is for Exercise
Check out our collection and services for ideas on how to create and share exercise activities with your children.  Explore upbeat exercise routines or yoga calm, martial arts overviews, or set your own moves to fun music!

Video Helpers : On DVD
Happy Healthy Monsters or Elmocize: Join the Sesame Street Gang as the learn about nutrition and exercise.

Kidz Bop Dance Moves: Megan Honore of High School Musical fame leads the dance party. Use your new moves with tunes on any of the latest Kidz Bop music discs.

Rock 'n Learn Alphabet Exercise: Learn letters while exercising with Alphabet Al!

Denise Austin's Fitkids: Use elements of dance, hip-hop, sports drills, yoga and stretching to keep moving and have fun.

Karate for Kids: Learn a little about basic karate techniques and karate as a non-competitive fitness option. Fribrary Time kids (grades 4-5) might also like to check out our martial arts overview program scheduled for Friday, November 18.

Kids Yoga Adventure: Strengthen and tone muscles, increase flexibility, and improve coordination in a fun and healthy way.

Books and Reading
From Head to Toe by Eric Carle (picture book)
Children's Book of Yoga by Thia Luby
The Busy Body Book by Lizzy Rockwell
Exercising by Robin Nelson
Keeping Fit by Sylvia Goulding

Surf's Up
BAM! Physical Activity (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
Kids and Exercise (Nemours Foundation)
Children and Sports (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research
Exercise and Children (Recommended links from Medline Plus)