Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CT Sings! Is There a Song Inside You?

CT Sings! Songwriting Workshop for Kids
Chuck Costa
Our 2011-2012 CT State Troubadour, Chuck Costa, is currently traveling our state gathering songs about Connecticut, written by Connecticut children.  Mr. Costa will be making a stop at the library on Saturday, December 10.

Making Music @ your library
East Hampton children in grades 2-5 are invited to participate in a two-hour workshop. Chuck will guide you through the fundamentals of the songwriting process (rhyme, rhythm, metaphor, and melody) and walk you through the steps it takes to go from an original idea to a finished song.  Important goals of the workshop are to support your creativity while at the same time asking you to use your critical thinking/problem solving skills, and work as a team.

The workshop is limited to 20 kids; click here to register.

Surf's Up

Our 2011-2012 State Troubador sings an original tune. Video courtesy of Ann Nyberg, WTNH anchor and online host of Ann Nyberg's Network Connecticut.